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Every list of equipment for recipes assumes that you possess a reasonably accurate oven, a working stove and a pair of oven mitts. It also assumes you have access to a refrigerator, although I will specify if refrigeration is important or the recipe requires a large one. Very few recipes require a freezer, so unless it is ice cream or another frozen dessert, I will specify when you need a freezer.

All recipes are rewritten in my own words. I always give credit to the source/s of recipes, but will give my own take on important steps, tips on tricky steps, efficiency on use of ingredients, time and oven/stove fuel and possible shortcuts to reduce dish washing. And of course, how the end result turned out :)

As for equipment, I do use my KitchenAid stand mixer, which a friend bought for me (!), and charmingly mis-pronounces as Kitchen-Idle (mother tongue is Spanish). Truthfully, most of the time I still just use a wooden spoon, rubber spatula or a balloon whisk instead for low or medium speeds, depending on the recipe and how the ingredients behave. It lets me get a better feel for my baking, and instills alternative thankfulness and cursing when I inevitably decide to make a batch of Swiss meringue buttercream by hand.

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Currently, a traveling software developer. Project location: Everett, Washinton, USA
Previously, a quality engineer peering at things on a thousandth of an inch scale.
Before that, a scientist-in-training studying control of brain networks and dreaming of sleep.
A baker with a few too many ideas for her own sanity.
A member of the AJKA-I USA Karate Team and beginner aerialist.
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